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Book keeping

At Stark Main & Co Dental we understand the importance of accurate and timely information being available to allow you to operate a successful dental practice and that poor accounting information can result in regulatory penalties, missed tax saving opportunities and poor business performance. We provide a comprehensive bookkeeping service to meet your practice needs.

Our team can provide a complete bookkeeping service by either involving one of our team or via one of the reliable and experienced bookkeepers who we would be happy to recommend to you. We will:

  • Post all receipts, invoices and transactions on to your accounting software at regular intervals
  • Prepare and submit VAT returns
  • Reconcile all bank accounts, loans, VAT, creditors and debtors ledgers 
  • Prepare management information packs which provide the information that is relevant to your practice

We offer various cloud based packages to allow you to work with your bookkeeper and accounting in a dynamic fashion.

At Stark Main & Co Dental we believe in working alongside you, in-order to provide a cost effective bookkeeping service to ensure that your financial information is complete, accurate and prepared on a timely basis.